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Bubble Bobble:

Bubble Bobble is definitely one of the most famous bubble games of all times,
Try out this remake of the famous game. Use arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump, spacebar to shoot bubbles and the P key to pause. Play Bubble Bobble at Bubblegames.online

The launch of BOBBLE BOBBLE in 1986 introduced two bubble dragon, Bob and Bob, and new game mechanics, with players defeating enemies by trapping them in bubbles and then tapped them. Although puzzles can be overcome by removing 100 shots, they also contain secret elements such as the inability to get the “real end” in single player mode. Hidden commands that lead to secret tours. And tons of different elements. These elements are some of the most distinctive and important features in the game. Each round has different invisible air currents, so the bubbles rise in unexpected patterns. The aspects such as forcing players to understand and use these different styles while playing help make this game revolutionary fun to play at any time.

First things first, I do not say I do not like Bubble Bobble. Number Bubble Bobble is awesome, I love Bubble Bobble, but man, man, it’s a silly game.

Then in Bubble Bobble, you play the role of “Bubby” or “Bobby”. I’m sure Bubby is not a real name. Children are siblings (I think Twins), so it’s easy to see that Robert / Bob / Bobby is the most loved child because you do not call a kid like Bubby.

Oh, this is what Bubby / Bobby looks like, by the way:

Yes … seems very lame. I mean it looks a little bit more like a richer VOF. My point is that, like the big characters of video games, he is not one of them. There is no official age for the characters, but I will make a stab in the dark, and say that they have 10. Now, the plot of the bubble ball is that the Bubby and Bobby brides were kidnapped by “Baron von Blubba” who turned the brothers into “Bubble Dragons”.

So, there are already many bad things here. First, what kind of 10-year-olds have girlfriends? Or, if you like it, what kind of 10-year-olds have girlfriends who are in love with being willing to risk their lives for them and do not ask the authorities or their parents for help? (We’ll get to parents later …)

Then, why Baron von Blubba converted to a bubble dragon? The bubble dragon seems to give children a great advantage. If you keep them as children you may not be out of phase one. It seems as though Bowser had kidnapped Princess Peach, but at the same time, he had given Mario a Super Fire flower he had made so he could always shoot the fireballs, no matter the reason. This makes no sense

The Bubble Bobble Guide also states that Bubble Dragon becomes a curse. Now, if I were a kid at ten and turned into a dragon spitting bubbles, I might think it was amazing!

I mean Bob is cute, gorgeous, and can shoot bubbles. Hell, things look good. Who is Bob asking? Well, when Bubby and Bobby are “cursed” with Bubble Dragons, their names change to Bub and Bob. why? I do not know. Like, have you reached this? Did the Baron make them call themselves these names for some reason? Again, it makes no sense at all.

Anyway, this is a dumb story and ass off the road. Bub (formerly Bubby) and Bob (formerly Bobby) have a great time entrapping enemies in bubbles, bursting them and eating delicious fruit and candy left behind by their bodies. For 100. hundred levels. Keep in mind, this is an arcade game, so you can not save your progress and you have to pay to continue. It is virtually impossible to actually complete this game in an arcade game. Oh, the same music playing throughout the entire game. All levels are 100, non-stop, in a loop. Now I love the music of Bubble Bobble, but the guy, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to it.

“But Goemar!” You may say, “Music Director is different!” – And yes, you are right. The head music is different. But once you start your ears you will be begging for 1014 episodes of the original melody, because my God is awful. It’s so short for so many loops and it has this awful nasty percussion ear in the background, which serves no purpose except to cause you pain.

Anyway, you’re close to completing the game. Unfortunately, after 4 hours, the second player had to go back home around level 91 because his ears were bleeding, so he was only doing the last two levels. Congratulations, you cheat, lost the power of friendship, ha ha ha! Now I understand all this:

People thought that Ghosts n ‘Goblins were bad, which made you play the game twice. Well, multiplied by the time, the game room is closed. It seems that you will have to go through the whole game again and your friend who gets your dirty ear will have to stick to another race.

Therefore, the next day, you can do so. You and your partner beat 100 levels together, as do true friends!

Oh yes! Child love and friendship! Feel those who feel good vibration! I did it! You and your friend are now closer than ever, I’ve discovered the most important magic in the world! YES! Good guys job, now look only at the displacement of credits and accommodate these feelings.

Well … Continue, then … Guess … The bit below it at the bottom of the screen I think is the alphabet. There is a message below. Start “if you can …” But I never bothered to discover the rest. I can not even find something on the Internet that really says what the message is. Interestingly, the $ $ icon that I got at the end of the good ending (but not true) cannot be seen. Then I have no idea whether it is a letter or not.

There is also a message above it, but I have no idea what it is. As far as I know, no one really knows what code is saying. But we know it seems to tell you to click on some buttons in a particular order on the title screen to open Super Bubble Bobble. Now, this icon requires you to press the Start’s Player buttons, so if you have remaining balances, I’m not sure they really work, as they will not start the game.

True, once you discover the icon, die or complete the game again, you do not have any remaining balance (maybe?) And return to the title screen, you can open Super Bubble Bobble. Complete 100 levels again (with a friend, of course) and finally see the real end. I will give the spoiler warning, but there is no way to see someone’s real end naturally, so, well, I will not do it.

Bubble Bobble

It was a great “bubble dragon” your father, who was not mentioned throughout the game either. For example, they are never told they have not lost or even anything. But well done, you can save them! They seem to have been controlled by “someone”, although we do not have any idea what happened to them. For example, if they are the final manager, or even head, and forced to fight against you, this line will make sense.

Then they controlled it. To do what we do not know, do you always cry? Do you have to listen to the boss’s music in an episode forever? who knows? Well, whatever, did you do that? Completed 320 levels (100 for one player, 100 for two players, 20 for a secret code and 100 for two players) to get this end confused and useless.

Both are the best

How to play Bubble Bobble

Arrow key Up = jump Arrow key Left = move left Arrow key Right = move right. Spacebar = shoot P = Pause

How to control