Bubble Breaker

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Bubble Breaker:

Bubble Breaker is a unique game where you have to select a group of colored bubbles in a grid and click to destroy them. The more bubbles you destroy with a single click, the higher your score. Unlike other bubble games, Bubble Breaker involves a deeper mindset and strategy instead of quick action. The game tells you how much each click will be worth helping you plan accordingly and since you are not punished to take too much time, you can find the best possible move on each round. Normally this will involve selecting the largest group of colored bubbles, but sometimes it also means that you will need to use your current move to create your next step to get a big score. For example, if you If you see two small groups of blue bubbles with some green in the middle, you may want to remove the green first, so you can beat all the blue in one shot. In addition, there is also a “Booming Game” that places bombs in the network with bubbles. You can not click on the bombs directly, but the game will highlight them if they are to be part of your current move.


Bubble Hit is a bubble-breaking game that trains concentration. Shoot colored bubbles to make three or more and clear the screen.

To start, click the Small, Medium, Large, or Very Large link below the image on the left. This opens the game in a popup window.

If you like this game, you can also enjoy the Inca Ball game where you try to combine balls of the same color.

The idea of Bubble Hit is to form three types of colors in the most effective way. This is not a complicated game, but there is a small strategy involved. It is also very addictive!

How to play It does not have to hurry because it does not have a timer. With the mouse point the arrow on the bubbles at the top of the screen. What you want to do is find groups of bubbles on top that have the same color as the bubble you shoot.

Suppose the bubble at the bottom of the arrow is purple. Look at the top of the screen for groups of purple bubbles that you can beat with your bubble. Point and click, it’s pretty simple.

The purpose of this bubble-breaking game is to make the bubbles disappear faster than the new ones. New lines of bubbles are displayed each time the counter in the lower left corner falls below zero.

Each time you make three or more, these bubbles disappear and the countdown disk remains the same. Each time you shoot a bubble without removing bubbles, the counter falls with one.

TRICKS AND STRATEGY. There are some tricks to do well in Bubble Hit. First, you can jump bubbles on the walls. Sometimes you will see a group of bubbles that you want to see blocked by other bubbles of the wrong color. If they make bubbles that you want are located near a wall and there is a hole, try a note to squeeze your bubble and complete the seat.

One of the best ways to remove the bubbles is to pass the colors over other bubbles. The bubbles that are lower than your color group that affects the group also disappear with the color group you create.

BUBBLE HIT STATS. The game will remember your victories and defeat during the current session. Click the statistics button on the left to see your winning / losing record or to restore the entry.

ALTERNATIVE. The bubble here has a couple of optional configurations. To change the background color or volume of sound effects, click the Settings button.

Bubble-breaking games like Bubble Hit, Bubble Trouble and related games are not very “intellectual”. But they train the concentration. Concentration is crucial for achieving “original awareness” of the necessary information when learning something new and need to remember it. Strengthening your concentration is a very good thing!