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Bubble Game:

Bubble Games are a great place to find bubble-related games filled with action, excitement, and soap!
Check out our free balloon and become addicted.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot the bubble, your goal is to remove all bubbles from the board,
A dose of 3 or more bubbles is deleted if it is arranged as 3 or more consecutive bubbles of the same color

Introduction to Bubble Game

Bubble games were created based on the most popular games Atarijevih called Bubbles, released in 1989. The flash version of the game bubble, called “Bubble Shooter” is easy to use, very fun and does not require special skills to play.

Bubble rules are simple, the more bubbles, the more you bet, the more points, but do not let the bubbles touch the ground because it will end your game and you have to start over again. Sounds easy? Make sure people spend hours looking at these bubbles and have their own time.
The only way to hit the bubbles gives you 3 or more consecutive bubbles of the same color that have been created with a single weapon – a gun attached to the arrow at the bottom of the screen.
Use the mouse to aim the weapon in the right direction you choose, then use the mouse button to pick up another bubble.
These weapons always show the color of the next bubble you shoot so you have to plan before shooting so you get 3 or more bubbles that are adjusted.
With every fire you do not necessarily need to write any bubbles you can in this game, you really need a real need, but you have to be sure you’re there to shoot because these bubbles touch the ground, it’s about playing more.
Another important rule about the gaming world is that the walls are mirrored. If you connect the bubble to the exposed wall, it will not hold the wall, but it will jump back, like the light flow in the mirror.
This feature becomes very hot when the center of the screen is full and you have to shoot bubbles on the side keys.
Talking about mehur┼íkih games cannot be complete without mentioning another classic game called “Bubble Bobble”, published by Taito 1986. In this platform game, you play with the dragon (or two) that can hit bubbles. You stop your enemies in bubbles, and when you release these bubbles your enemy is gone. You can play on the page “Bubble Bobble”.
After a big success, bubbles have shown a couple of bubbles in recent years, and now many online versions of these games are available.
It has become so popular that you can play almost any widget you can get by hand (mobile phones, PDA, etc.).
Ready to start showing these bubbles now! Be careful not to spend all the time because of this addiction.