Bubble Spinner

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Bubble Spinner:

The classic Bubble Shooter game returns with a twist, While the rules are almost the same, the board spins with every hit, don’t let the bubbles touch the sides. The gray bubbles on the bottom left show how many turns left before new bubbles will randomly appear.

Play Spinner Bubble on our site. Bubble spinner is one of the classic bubble games. The pitch is spinning, which gives the game a new dimension.

Each time you shoot a bubble in the playing field, the trigger moves in the direction you are shooting the bubble. It turns more quickly if you press it at a sharp angle.

Bubble Spinner Game

Bubble Spinner is a very addictive form of the famous Bubble Shooter game. Bubbles spin on a platform. Try to shoot them all. The objective of the game is to eliminate all colored bubbles. Groups of at least three bubbles of the same color must be created.
Start playing bubbles at bubblepinner.com and you will not regret it!

About bubble spinner

Try to eliminate all the bubbles by forming pairs of 3 to make them explode. Use roulette to your advantage to clear the board.
Bubble spinner is really one of the favorite games of bubbleshoter.net. This classic old game will never stop entertaining.

Bubble Spinner Screenshot

In this bubble spinner screenshot, you see the rotating playing field, filled with the colored bubbles that need to be shot to finish the game.

Bubble spinner gameplay video

This video features the gameplay of this game.