Smarty Bubbles

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Smarty Bubbles:

Now play smart bubbles, smart bubbles are a good traditional bubble game. It’s an endless version of the bubble, which means it’s just one level… You must clear the game by making smarty pop bubbles. You do this by shooting the colored bubbles and making combinations of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. You can make a combo by blowing up more than 3 bubbles or using connected bubbles to make bubbles of different colors appear but only connected to a bubble. You can shoot 5 bubbles without any noise, with the next bubble you want to shoot there will be a line of bubbles that are located on top of the field. If this happens, you can only shoot 4 bubbles until the line goes down, then you can shoot 3 bubbles before the line falls and so on. Until you have only missed, be careful not to miss too much or you will pass. You win by removing all the smart bubbles, the best strategy is to go first to 1 color. If you have removed all the bubbles of a color, there will be no new bubbles for that color. This makes the game easier because there are fewer variants. The guide at the bottom shows what bubble will be next. In the main menu you can see your statistics and in the context menu you can continue or restart your game and change the audio. Hold down the mouse button to display a target guide that will help you better target the bubbles. Release to shoot the bubble. On mobile or tablet, you can simply press and hold the screen where you want to target, drop to shoot the bubble. At the end of the game, you will see your scores and stats like the number of bubbles you have drawn, the number of combinations you have created.